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Cisco Quick Reference Phone Guide - Placing and Receiving calls
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Placing a Call – any of the following actions
Lift Handset and dial a number
Press a Line Button and dial a number,
Press the Speaker Button and dial a number,
Press the Headset Button (if headset in use) and dial a number
Press the New Call softkey and dial a number

Answer a Call – any of the following actions
Lift Handset
Press the Answer softkey
Press Headset Button (if headset in use)
Press Speaker Button

Ending a Call – any of the following actions
Hang up the Handset
Press the End Call softkey
Press the Speaker Button

Press Mute button to activate Muting
Press Mute again to cancel

Place a call on hold
Press the Hold softkey

Retrieve a Call from Hold
Press the Resume softkey, or press the flashing line.
(on a phone that has multiple calls in progress, you can use the Scroll button under the softkeys to select the call and press Resume)

Lift handset and press the Redial Softkey
Press the Redial key alone to make a call from the Speakerphone

Transferring a Call
Press the Transfer Softkey followed by the destination number,
When the number begins to ring, press Transfer again

Announced Transfer
When the party answers, announce the call, press Transfer, and hang-up

Transfer to Voicemail
How do you transfer a call directly to voicemail?
Press Transfer, dial * + 4 digits of the extension, Transfer, hang-up
Example: for 2218 Press Transfer *2218 Transfer

Placing a Conference Call
Place the initial call to the first member of the call
Press the More softkey, then the Confrn softkey
Place a call to another party
When the party answers, press the Confrn softkey again to add the party to the call.
Repeat this until all parties are in the call (recommended no more than 5 parties)

Forwarding all Calls
Press the Call Forward softkey and enter the destination number, the press End Call,
or hang up (To cancel, Press Call Forward softkey)

Parking a Call – to hold a call that must be picked up at another phone
Press the More softkey until you see the Park softkey
Press the Park softkey
Note the park call number on the LCD display,
To retrieve the parked call, dial the parked call number from any phone.

Call History
Press the “Directories” Button to display the directory menu,
Use the scroll keys to highlight the desired call history option,
Press the Select softkey
To speed dial a number in list, use the scroll keys to highlight, press Edit Dial. For outside calls, use the << softkey to move the cursor and insert “9”(local) or “91”(LD) in from of the number.
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